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Closed rotating elevator

Future solution
New Concept from BC lift. Tomorrow’s elevator is circular and rotates!
The new rotating elevator from BC lift is a concept in development. The idea is simply, to create a circular elevator cabin. A circular cabin offers a number of advantages over the existing systems. The most significant advantage is that the cabin is able to rotate while running up or down.

This is done in a predetermined pattern, so that you can get out in a different direction than you go in.

It can, in many cases, be an advantage as products like these are usually installed in existing buildings. In buildings where the lift platform or lift was not intended from the beginning you will often have problems finding a suitable place where there is room in the top and bottom.
The circular cabin has the advantage that the doors do not occupy any space. The doors are able to slide along the cabin walls.

Last but not least, the circular element appear very decorative and have many possible placements.

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