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About BC platformlifts

We call stairlifts for BC platformlifts. BC lift has platformlifts for straight and curved stairs.

The BC lift is reliable and complies with British and European safety standards.

When the user drives on to the platform and pushes the joystick in the direction of travel, the barrier arms and ramps automatically fold and close. It is not possible to operate the lift until the barrier arms and ramps are folded and in place. The lift stops automatically at the upper and lower landings.

The user can stop the lift any time. The lift stops automatically if it meets an obstruction on the staircase. The barrier arms and and ramps are pressure sensitive and the platform is fitted with a pressure sensitive undertray. If the power to the lift fails, the lift can be operated using the manual hand-wind handle.

Read more about platformlifts for straight and curved stairs.

Unique Selling Points
– The BC Platformlift is designed to be light and elegant
– Reliable and easy-to-serve technology
– To be mounted directly on wall or stanhions
– When not using – the lift only fills up 280 mm of space
– To be installed indoor as well as outdoor
– Designed for stoch = quick delivery for customer
– To be safety-released

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